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Hunt for Red Messer

July 6, 2019 @ 11:00 18:30

“As you know, humanity has been under assault from an alien force in the Paradiso system. And, as you know, the information blockade set up to shelter the more delicate members of humanity from worry that humanity’s grip on the situation is slipping was breached, leading to panicked ccaitizens and a number of false accusations of treason. Even the Tartary Army’s Colonel Voronin was caught up in these accusations. This is an embarrassment Ariadna will not forget.
While the terrorist hackers who leaked the information were neutralized by the Pan-Oceanians, Nomad Black Hand operatives found that the hacker who aided the ALIVE hackers was a deep cover Shasvastii agent. This alien degenerate goes by the name of Victor Messer, and he has been sowing chaos within the information networks of the sphere. He is your target. The Bureaucrats of the O-12 want him taken alive. I have no such requirement. He is sure to have a backup cube, so he is unlikely to stay dead long. I don’t care. If he comes back a hundred times, we will kill him a hundred times. We will kill him until we have a graveyard filled with headstones for Victor Messer. We will kill him until he and the so-called Evolved Intelligence gets the message: Humanity will not surrender, or die quietly, and all threats against it will be met with the Teseum blades of the USARF!”

-Gen. Cole ‘Mac’ Donald
Undisclosed location, Ariadna Territory

We will be hosting a tournament at Gamescape North in San Rafael on July 6th. This will be a tree round tournament using the special rules for the Narrative Event pack which can be downloaded here:


Please read the bonus rules your army may choose from, and choose one which you will use throughout the tournament.

The missions will be:

  • Frontline
  • Acquisition
  • Supplies

Rounds will start at 11am, so please be there early for sign in.
2 Hour Rounds.

Event fee is $10 if you pre register through the store
and $20 day of.

ITS Season 10 Xenotech Event Pack will be used as prize support.


July 6, 2019
11:00 – 18:30
Event Category:


Obadiah Hampton

Gamescape North

1225 4th Street
San Rafael, CA 94901 United States
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